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Femdom Poly Household in Search of female slave board (1 posts)

Femdom Mistresses in search of Female slave for Poly Households

Polygamy Life board (1 posts)

This is a group for polygamists to chat about experiences, swap advice and maybe even get together.

orgy,gangbang,groupe of sexe near montreal board (1 posts)

(version francaise en bas) This group is for those who want to engage in group sex. It's for people who have no fear and want to have a good time. It's for people who will participate and do it with almost everyone. I'm the kind of guy who thinks everyone looks good. Of course, when I'm hosting a party for this group you have the right not to participate but please just try it once - it's fun. Don't worry, there will also be some conversation; after all, we are here to have fun not just to play with each other. PS. I won't be charging so it should be inexpensive depending on the party. (I'm French but speak english) bon voila je commence un groupe avec qui on va avoir du fun en groupe.c'est pour les personnes qui n'ont pas peur et qui veulent participé a se genre d'activité.sé pour des gens qui participe mais aussi qui voit la beauté dans chaqu'un car je suis de ceux qui pense qu'on est tous beaux et belle.bien sur lorsque je vais faire des party pour le groupe la participation ne sera pas obligatoire mais fortement recomendé.on veut avoir du fun pas se regardé chacun dans notre coin.Mais ne vous inqueté pas on vas aussi beaucoup parlé car après tout la baise est pas tout pour avoir du fun.a savoir que je fait sa de mon propre chef et que je ne vais pas être payé pour les party donc sa risque de couter pas cher(tout dépendant du party biensur) so here its paty time lol

MFMM+ board (3 posts)

This group is about the sharing of your wife, gf or just the arranging of multiple guys for a lady. Discussions, comments, experiences are all welcome as well as those curious about how to make it work.



kinky-poly-bdsm-Maine . board (1 posts)

Aplace to discuss and or rant on the topics of polly and kink in me.

Polyorgasmic women board (5 posts)

This is the group where we get to discuss all the different kinds of orgasms there are. For me, there are six kinds, in no particular order: clitoral, g-spot, anal, vaginal, pain, and (recently discovered--thanks to littleboo) kissing. Each of them is wonderful and special and awesome and different in its own way. So what do you all think? Am I nuts (wait...no...don't answer that...)? Does anyone else have many different kinds, or is there just one kind?

Looking to start a poly household board (1 posts)

Me and my master are looking for 2 FEMALE slaves to join us.. if you are interested please join this group :)

CUCKOLD WANNA BEES IN VB board (1 posts)

Men in Hampton Roads seeking cuckold relationships

cuckolding in israel board (1 posts)

This group for israeli females and sub males ( Newbies ) that looking for realife honest clean cuckold relation. Yousi has the penis of a young boy and has never given his wife Tamar an orgasm. . Moreover, he needs directions (but feel shy) and when the BULL tease him and humiliate him about his sexual capabilities,his orgasm became much much better. He likes it but always feel shy. While their (Tamar and Yousi)choice was divorce or be a cuckold. He is now a fully submissive happy cuck and his wife is feel GREAT . I respect both of them and we are happy. Life has different taste for both of them.

Poly female subs/slaves Looking for a poly family connection board (2 posts)

This is a group for FEMALE subs and slaves who are unowned and desire finding a poly family connection. If you are curious about, feel you may be looking for family ties and want to speak about this or meet others interested in the same, come join. Your Family may be looking for you also.

personal hookups board (1 posts)

people looking to hook up and have a good time

this site BDSM Cpl's/single's.. who also swing at Club M4 board (1 posts)

Looking for connections

KanPoly board (1 posts)

KanPoly on this site is an offshoot of the Yahoo KanPoly email list and group. The group was founded in 1999 to provide a place for those in and around Kansas interested in Polyamory and related issues to meet. The main list is not a meat market nor swingers site. The this site discussion forum can become whatever the members care to make it. It's a place for the kinksters among those on KanPoly to get kinkier than we might on the main list. Males, females, singles, married, triads, moreads, hetro, homo and bisexuals are all welcome. The original Yahoo group: [http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/KanPoly] Kanpoly has monthly meetings. Usually in Lawrence at a local pizza place. Sometimes in KC at various places. (Those that show up most of the time are kink aware, if not kinky themselves, though KanPoly is not a kink focused group.) KD0R (Founder and List Dad for the main list) & Knight0Errant (Founder and Owner of the this site Group)

CNY Bulls, Cucks, Hotwives & Wittols board (1 posts)

For kinksters who are Bulls, Cucks, Hotwives & Wittols in the Central NY state area. The I-81, I-90, I-86, I-390, I-88 area, within 1.5 hrs of Syracuse.

Poly Seeking Primary board (5 posts)

A personals group for polyamorous people who are seeking a primary relationship.

Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association board (1 posts)

Discussion, information and announcements about the litigation challenging the constitutionality of Canada's criminal law against group conjugal living and polygamy. For the most up to date information, check out www.polyadvocacy.ca and our facebook page as well!

northern ca polyamorous board (1 posts)

A group for like minded kinksters who enjoy the lifestyle or maybe somewhat curious about it.

Exhibition - North UK board (1 posts)

Exhibition - North UK At my uni, im aloud to gather a concept for an exhibtion and use various exhibtion spaces at my uni or in the local area to create said exhibtion. Various "Photographers" at my uni, have done shows which were less than impressive and very boring. Heres my idea If I was to propose an exhibtion in one of my unis gallery spaces or indeed scout a decent location in my local area, how many of you would send me peaces of your work to put on display and of course a small write up so I can place it beside your work. I will be submitting work myself as well, but the main focus of this is to show I can indeed organise an exhibtion show and sucessfully impliment advertising etc. The prints The show would likly be on the fetish note, though Im thinking of a particular fetish theme to pick. I would of course put up if your work is for sale, post back if you wished and take photos/video the exhibtion to send back to yourselfs with comments from people attending. Im thinking either a film print/digital posted out in a carboard sleeve or a digital neg which Ill get pro printed myself should you wish to send me the file with the specs I require. Ill also mount them on foam board for the wall space (or if you wish to send ready to be mounted). Id also be looking at around A3 size though the size and number of items would be open for discussion. Thought on this please, anyone whom could get to my area would be welcome to the show opening or I may indeed include a live webcam.

BodySwap Roleplay board (2 posts)

by choice or by fate....you are in the body of another person. Could be a different gender, race, age... Play out the ups and downs of the situation...live in someone else's shoes, high heels, Mary Janes, or booties...?

Polygyny - 1 Alpha Male & multiple monandrous females board (1 posts)

There seem to be a lot of groups on polyamoury, but few specific to the notion of polygyny - an Alpha Male with multiple females, all of whom are only with Him (other than dispensation He may grant for girl-girl or involving other males under His supervision). Polygyny is the natural state for humans and many other large mammals.

RoseWould Plantation Sex Club, Swingers and Nude Beach in Second Life Chat board (1 posts)

I am the proud owner of RoseWould Plantation Sex Club & Nude Beach in Second Life Chat. We hold fun free events in a romantic and erotically naughty setting for singles and swingers. There is a focus on friendships with true Southern Hospitality. We offer a 6 day pass for those who want to explore and evaluate the member’s only area. Please see send Me a this site message or look up My Second Life profile (picks tab) for the landmark. Judge everyone on an individual basis... and admire the person behind the eyes..

SE Texas Swingers board (2 posts)

Looking for couples who are into both swinging and BDSM.

SCK alt lifestyle swingers board (2 posts)

South Central Ky swingers that are also in alt lifestyles such as D/s, gay, lesbian, bi, transexual, ect. We are excepting of all and any of the alt lifestyles and playing togeather.

Classic Polyamory board (1 posts)

Hello, and welcome to the Classic Polyamory community on this site. We are pleased to have you here with us. We have a few rules, that we request you read, and that you agree to abide by and be bound to, by joining the community. Lastly, regarding the rules themselves, should any rule or collection of rules conflict with the laws of your local city, state, or nation, you may disregard those specific rules, but the others remain in force. The moderator staff reserves the right to enforce these rules regardless of their legality in your place of origin. By joining this group, you agree that any dispute shall be resolved in the jurisdiction of the United States, specifically in DuPage County, Illinois, USA. Also, for those interested, we have a sister community available on Google Plus. Click [https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/10673359500…] for the Google Plus public polyamory group. Please note that this group is NOT private. Private posts should go here, on this site. Original community description, preserved for historical value: We believe polyamory is based on relationships not sex, with that being said we acknowledge the fact that there is no just one way to do it. This is a place for anyone with questions about polyamory to come for advice. It is a place for everyone, but especially those who practice polyamory in terms of the classical definitions of years past, those who believe in hierarchies, closed or partially closed poly, and a difference between polyamory and swinging(just examples). I want everyone who is usually scorned in other groups to have a place to go, and for new people to have a less judgmental place to ask their questions. Goreans are welcome here also. All are welcome. *as a caveat of sorts: I do not want people in this group to be in the group that is making fun of it. I am sorry, but to be in the group making fun of the group you are in seems disrespectful, and makes me wonder about their intentions. I do not want people coming here just to get fuel for the satire in the other group. "Polyamory is having or being able to have consensual, honest, respectful relationships with more than one person at a time, or being able to romantically love more than one person at once. Some poly people feel that for them, love is not a finite resource that must be saved for one person lest it be exhausted, but a renewable resource — the more love we give, the more we have to give."
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